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More easy ways to save for your house deposit – fast

We’ve already taken a look at some of the easiest ways of saving for a house deposit as quickly as possible.

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With house prices seemingly rising ever higher, it makes sense to tackle the issue sooner, rather than later. The longer you leave it to start saving, the more money you’ll be likely to need. Despite a slight downturn in the housing market during 2018, according to a report by the BBC the majority of experts questioned believe that prices will continue to rise, albeit slowly, during the coming months.

So to help you amass the sum of money you need for a deposit on your next home, here are some more of our suggestions.

Seek out help

Nobody likes to ask for money, but it’s possible that friends or family members might be able to offer you a financial helping hand with building up your deposit. This doesn’t necessarily have to be financial assistance, welcome though that would be. Perhaps someone would be prepared to look after your children regularly, whilst you take on a second job, for example.

Financial help could be available from other sources too – find out whether there are any government grants or support packages in place in your local area, aimed at helping first-time buyers to get on the property ladder. Not all grants and benefits are widely reported, so it’s worth spending some time researching what’s available to you.

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Involve your partner

Quite often there’s one person in each relationship who takes care of the household budget. If this applies in your particular circumstances, try taking the time to ensure that both partners understand exactly what is required to achieve your target.

Sometimes it can be helpful to give a financially disinterested partner a role to fulfil within the house purchasing journey. You could suggest to your partner that they source a suitable conveyancing solicitor for your new property, for example. Since many professionals, including for instance, offer free initial consultations, this would be an excellent project to make you both feel involved and committed to the house-buying process.

A word of caution

Saving money can become addictive, but don’t let this be at the expense of your relationship. Occasional meals out and budget holidays will ensure that you still enjoy carefree moments too.

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