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How do celebrities prepare for red carpet events?

From spray tans to smoothies, how do celebrities prepare for so many red carpet events?

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We’ve spoken to a few of the hottest A-Listers to get the gossip on the diet, exercise and tricks they use to put their best foot forward when stepping onto the red carpet.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra tributes her “excellent makeup artists” for her awards’ season look. In terms of exercise, Sandra is nonstop with a mixture of disciplines including cycling, keeping her trim all year round.

Jennifer Lawrence

Once stating she will never “starve” herself for a part, Jennifer asserts happiness in her own skin, with a balanced diet and ‘normal’ exercise keeping her in great shape. Her top tips include Epsom salt baths before big events with dandelion and chamomile tea for stress relief. This tea also reduces bloating and acts as a diuretic to prevent water retention and flushes out toxins, according to her trainer.

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Kate Winslet

Kate has been a superstar for longer than I remember, so looking this great really is a testament to this incredible woman. To achieve her glowing skin, Kate enjoys a “red carpet facial” but otherwise relaxes. As a new mother, Kate’s children are her priorities, but “staying fit and healthy is all part of a healthy attitude.”

Shaun Robinson

For Shaun, it’s “brain smoothies” packed full of antioxidants which she attributes her stunning appearance to. Her favourite: a mixture of carrots, apricot, sweet potato, cantaloupe, kale and almonds. Shaun also takes part in Soul Cycle for a full body workout.

Julia Roberts

Another seemingly everlasting superstar, Julia admits it can take “15 – 17 people” to get her ready. Julia also undertakes aerobic step workouts, Pilates, yoga, running, swimming and strength training to keep her “butt” looking fabulous.


As awards’ season comes upon us, we can be reassured the gorgeous celebs parading the red carpet do work hard to maintain perfection. Thankfully, we can use some of their tricks ourselves.

With shops such as dedicated to celebrity dresses, there’s no excuse not to have a smoothie, head out for some Pilates and get yourself red carpet ready.

Healthy and balanced

Take a leaf (or cup of dandelion and chamomile tea) from our A-listers’ books to get that red carpet look at home.

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