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Top Tips For Drone Photography

It can be tricky if you are new to the world of drone photography. However, there are a few tips to help you get started. You can get amazing shots with your drone by following a few basic rules.

A good start is to move your subjects off-centre slightly which creates dynamism, and it also helps to see what the scale of your image is like. For instance, a photo of a large building looks a lot better when it is a fraction of the size. You can take some great pictures by operating your drone from a hill or other vantage point. For those who want a professional to take shots, consider Drone Filming by a company like

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As a first-time drone owner, you may be tempted to go as high as possible. While this may be fun, you should stay within your limits, stay safe and also consider that your camera will not be able to deliver the same quality of images.

The best piece of advice is to keep the drone low and near the ground, giving you a better sense of the landscape you are flying in. Flying higher may result in crashes, so stay humble.

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Another rule of thumb is to take one picture per second, and slowing your shutter will produce smoother footage. Depending on your equipment, you can even shoot with an exposure of two seconds. The best way to translate a photo’s scale is to create contrast. One example is the use of a neutral density filter. Not only will it filter out light, but it will allow you to take longer exposures.

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