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Magical Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland

Whilst there are many places worthy of a visit when you are in Northern Ireland one of the best and most interesting is the National Trust property of Mount Stewart. It has everything that you could hope to get at a National Trust property, in fact it is one of the few that is able to tick all of the boxes for a visit. It has a splendid formal garden, one of the best and certainly quirkiest in the United Kingdom, it has a landscape garden that is perfectly appointed with rolling low hills, lake and arboretum, it has a delightful house built in the Georgian style with marvelous Palladian pillars. As it is one of the many reasons to visit Northern Ireland itself why not make it a longer stay in the country and get a look at Log Cabins for sale NI like the ones that can be viewed at

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Mount Stewart is not far from Belfast City Airport and it is just a short 45-minute drive from Northern Ireland’s capital city to its East. The main road takes you past the equally impressive Stormont building, home of the provinces power sharing parliament and the picturesque town of Newtonards at the top of the stunning Strangford Lough. Making your way down the East of the Lough will bring you to the site. Parking is ample but there is also a bus service.

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The house is a marvel of local craftsmanship especially the woodwork. There is a prime example of a classical design with a black and white checkered floor and statues of Greek worthies lining it. There is also an original painting by Stubbs to view and the most historical room has the original chairs and décor for where the armistice and signing of documents after the battle of Waterloo.

The real jewel of the property is its gardens. The landscape leads its way to a mausoleum of the family known as the Temple of the winds. The formal garden is if anything more impressive. There are a selection of wonderful topiaries celebrating things close to Irish hearts, witty sundials and some of the most interesting statues and stone work (Dodo’s and Noah’s Ark being just two examples) with the majestic house looking on.  If it is the summer time then the Lough feed swimming pool, it can get a bit chilly, is also a must see. A grand house in grand location indeed.

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