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Why you should choose a chartered financial advisor

Choosing a chartered financial advisor ensures you will receive high-quality service, as such advisors have satisfied rigorous criteria in relation to their profession. They will have achieved relevant qualifications in their field and will have demonstrated sound ethical practice. You can therefore be confident that you are being advised by a top professional who is committed to providing excellent advice and support to their clients.

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Chartered professionals have satisfied rigorous criteria

Chartered status is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), with an advisor who has achieved this showing their desire to go above and beyond the basic or average demands of the profession. Essentially, it is the gold standard or A+ of the industry and it can benefit clients to choose a chartered professional over a regular advisor as they have achieved much more than the minimum standard set to allow practitioners to operate. They are the benchmark of excellence.

To achieve the chartered financial planner status, firms or individuals must show high levels of knowledge and expertise through completing professional qualifications. To maintain the all-important chartered status, it is essential that development is ongoing to maintain these high standards and ensure professionals remain highly trained. Knowledge must be kept up to date, which involves ongoing training. Firms or individuals must demonstrate their commitment to abiding by the Code of Ethics as outlined by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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A quality, professional and ethical service is provided

When you use a firm that has been awarded chartered status, you can be assured of a quality, professional and ethical service.

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A chartered financial planner will analyse your financial situation prior to suggesting relevant solutions for you to look into. Chartered advisors can provide specialist expertise in certain areas. The value of using a chartered professional gives you peace of mind knowing that your financial situation is being handled by an ethical professional who is fully qualified.

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