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Unusual Plants to Add to your Garden this Year

With the arrival of the spring comes the time to take some time with our gardens once again. For gardeners, this time of the year is a busy one. With so much going on in the garden, it is time to start planning ahead, getting the new plants going and doing all of the garden maintenance that is needed at the end of the winter. Caring for your plants and treating them for any health issues they have like this black spot on roses remedy like this is important.

Planning what will be in your garden is one of the best bits of the spring, and going to your local garden centre, and researching the types of plants that you are going to be putting in your garden is something that many gardeners enjoy at this time of the year – when it comes to gardening, there is always more to learn.

If you have been gardening for years, and are looking for something a little bit different and more unusual than the usual mainstays of the garden border, here are a few plants that you might want to consider…

Porcelain Berry – These beautiful berries will really give you a striking autumnal display. The berries of this plant come in a wide variety of colours – turquoise, purple and green and they are great climbing plants to grow up a trellis at the edge of your garden – guaranteed to catch the eye and add a bold splash of colour to the garden.

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Doll Eyes – If you have a shady area in the border of your garden this is the perfect plant. The berries that arrive in the summer grow in a cluster, and each one of them has a dark black centre with a white edging giving them the name. The way that they grow in clusters gives a bold look to the edge of the garden.

Balloon Flower – These beautiful, coloured flowers get their name from the buds which resemble balloons, which then bloom into the violet coloured flowers, from the summer into the autumn. They form clumps so are ideal for garden borders where you want to add some bright colours.

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Horses Teeth – These plants originate in South Africa and get their name from the fact that they look like a row of large teeth! It is usually grown indoors as a house plant due to its preference for warmer climes, however, many people grow it indoors during the cooler months and add it to the garden in the summer where it makes an interesting addition.

Chinese Fairy Bells – Another good one for shady borders, this attractive plant has delicate and pale flowers that are held on arched stems, resembling little bells, hence the name. In the autumn they are followed by deep reddish black berries which will add interest to the border of the garden, and as well as being great in a border, it also does well when grown in containers.

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