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Somatoform disorder

Health Facts: Somatoform Disorder, The Origin of Many Ills

Somatoform disorder occupies a significant percentage of consultations with general practitioners. Those who suffer are not at any time talking about fictitious evils or inventing pains. The discomforts are real, but the origin is not where they believe it.

At some point, we have all probably summarized. The stress, moments of anguish, a lot of work or pressure, often bring physical ailments. The most common is a headache.

Symptoms of the somatoform disorder

somatoform disorder
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The truth is that the symptom of somatoform disorder does exist, but the cause of it is not precisely in the area of the body where the person has focused their attention. That headache is real, also the muscle spasms or stomach pain of which the famous irritable bowel is blamed. The cause is not found in those organs respectively. It is the external problems that the person may be going through that cause these symptoms to unravel. Keep reading: WHAT TO EAT AND WHAT TO AVOID IN DIARRHEA?

And just as it is something very common. There are many to whom these evils begin to overwhelm them: when the person can no longer work, study or begins to set aside his labors justifying the evil he feels. It is because things do not go on the right path.

As explained by the psychiatrist, it is very common for this phenomenon to occur in school children. For some reason, bullying, fear of a teacher or poor academic results. Begins to summarize feeling sick and finding in this the excuse to stop going to that place that “pain in the neck” him.

The same can also happen with adults

somatoform disorder
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It is the case of those people who become incapacitated in a constant way and who begin to generate a dependency to the medical consultation. At this point, it is precisely the doctors who must realize what is really happening to the patient. Although it is normal that at first the simple apparent physical cause of a pain is attacked. When the doctor detects that the treatment has no effect. The consultations are quite repetitive and that the same patient seems to know them all. Perhaps it is time to suspect that the pain caused by the pain goes beyond that body organ in the one that is concentrating the attention.

Although anyone can be a potential summarizer

Children, adults, and the elderly – there are some personality traits in which it is easier for this pattern to repeat itself. They are controlling, perfectionist, obsessive with work.

This disorder occupies an important percentage of the consultations to the general practitioners and as it is to be understood that neither the doctor knows the patient well, nor does he even tell the health professional about his personal life. Usually begins a pharmacological treatment to attack the symptom and not the origin. The problem becomes more serious when the person, after not finding the cure, continues to explore other possible causes and begins to be referred to different specialists, undergoing treatments even for prolonged periods of time that do not respond to the real problem.

Ideally, when a possible summarizer is detected, it is that consult a mental health specialist to explore those factors of the patient’s daily life that are surely influencing the discomforts that the body manifests.

In most situations

Psychotherapy provides an excellent prognosis. In this case, the family has a very important role in understanding better what happens to the person and helping him identify his concerns. With these therapies, the patient will know recognize these concerns and see which are modifiable to act on them and which not to simply learn to accept them.


Somatoform disorder is a problem that is expensive for the health system, but also for patients. You may also like: 6 Daily Habits to Stay Positive.

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