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How to Find a Good Topic For a Speech

A simple way to come up with a good topic for a speech is to consider your area of expertise. People have different areas of interest, and one topic can inspire the next. A lot depends on the type of audience you’ll be presenting to as well. Conversely, if you have never given a speech before, a topic in a different fresh area could be a good choice for you.

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If you have a broad range of topics in mind, it can be helpful to brainstorm by using a concept map. Then, think about what the audience is likely to be interested in. A topic that you are passionate about will be much more interesting to research and write about, which will ultimately translate into a more effective and lively speech. Make sure to use solid, scholarly information when researching, as well as facts and images. For information on Public speaking courses, visit a site like

Speaking about an area of expertise is the easiest way to find a topic for a speech. Expertise is the best motivation, but if you know nothing about it, you can always learn something new. Once you’ve learned a subject, you can use it to develop expertise and find reasons that your audience should care. However, if you’re not an expert, this can be challenging. Rather than spending countless hours researching a topic that is outside of your expertise, choose a topic in which you’re already knowledgeable.

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Brainstorming is another great way to generate good speech topics. It’s not a bad idea to brainstorm your topics, but it’s important to make sure the ideas you come up with are applicable to the scope of your speech.

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