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5 more great tips for getting active with your kids

If you enjoyed our five great tips on getting active with your kids, then here are five more fantastic ideas for getting healthier, happier and fitter with your children.

5 more great tips for getting active with your kids

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Try Something New Each Weekend

Every weekend make a concerted effort to do something new. Take a frisbee on a bike ride and stop for a game halfway. Take a cricket set to a picnic or a rounders set on a dog walk. Go for a family horse riding session, try geocaching or even orienteering. Use the internet to come up with new ideas. Keeping it varied will keep the kids interested, and you may even discover a hidden talent amongst you!

Indoors Fun

Just because it’s raining outside it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. There are plenty of things to do at your local leisure centre and beyond on rainy, snowy or stormy days. These include swimming, roller-skating, ice-skating, indoor climbing, indoor ski centres or visiting a trampoline park such as Jump Street.

Active Holidays

Think about being active when you book your holiday. Look for hotels, resorts or campsites that have activity centres with swimming pools, tennis courts or climbing walls, or simply ones that have outdoor adventure parks with children’s wooden climbing frames such as those available from You could even consider high wire forest equipment and zip wires.

National Parks and Nature Reserves

Britain is home to a number of diverse National Parks as well as countless nature reserves, RSPB sites and areas of outstanding beauty. Use the internet to search for events and family days out at these locations. You can look for events that are on where you live and also for events that may be on close to your holiday destination.

Buy a Kite

Kiting is a surprisingly excellent form of exercise. It’s also hugely rewarding and can be enjoyed by everyone from toddlers to 80 year olds. There are even kite groups that meet up for events and kite making workshops that take place all over the UK.

These five great ideas will really help you and your family get more active. Whatever you do, make sure you do it frequently and make sure you do it together – the perfect recipe for a healthy, happy family.

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