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How to organize a child’s birthday?

Whether to celebrate a year or ten years, the birthday of your children is always a special occasion and we love celebrating with family and friends. When it is necessary to organize a beautiful celebration where everyone will feel comfortable, often what prevails is simplicity and let the children play, without however that the party we run between fingers. If you want to know how to organize your child’s birthday, here are some tips.

Choose the date correctly

If the birthday falls on a weekday, it may not be suitable for your guests or for yourself, either because of working hours or because of the extracurricular activities of the children. Therefore, it is better to delay or advance the party so that it coincides with a weekend.child's birthday

Adapt space to your budget

Invite your child’s friends to a recreation center with a ball pool or to see a movie at the cinema can be fun, but it can also cost you the eyes of the head. Sometimes the simplest is the best possible solution, such as holding the party in your own home rather than renting a room. Of course, you will have to clean and receive, but you will save money.


List of guests

If you are still a baby, you will have to do it yourself, among your family and friends, but if he is going to school, be sure that your son or daughter already knows who he/she wants to invite or no. However, if you do not have a lot of space at home, do not let the list be too large or you will have a serious organizational problem and even noise.child's birthday

If your child understands enough, you can let him or her participate in organizing the party with you and give your ideas. Ask him how he wants the party to be or let him choose from a variety of options that you will have thought of beforehand.

So that the party does not drag, are imposing timetables for the game, for cake and presents. Make sure you do not leave any idle time or the party will eventually get boring. Keep in mind possible games and “B” plans if a game does not turn out to be fun. And if you have a pool at home, a patio or a garden, more than half the work is already done, even if you will always have to pay attention to the safety of the children.child's birthday

Snacks and sweets

Prefer the variety rather than the quantity, especially if your party is held in the afternoon, at the time of the snack. With a few mini-sandwiches, small snacks, sweets, drinks and a few more snacks should be more than enough. Ask parents if the children have food allergies or if they are difficult with food so everyone can eat.child's birthday


You can do it as you see fit, but you do not need to create something very spectacular, as long as the party is fun. With a few balloons, garlands or card stock, you can decorate your home economically and efficiently.

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