The spa at home: acoustic tubs, showers, and tub

A daily space-wellness is no longer a mirage with advanced solutions from Jacuzzi, and the spa moves in your bathroom

Relaxation, wellness, self-care and no need to go to the spa every day but in your own home. A dream? Maybe. Yet they are multiplying the solutions and proposals to customize your home and make something similar to a small spa. Of course, it will be necessary to settle the spaces available to them and maybe some changes accessible from the point of view of costs, given that hardly any of the readers will have the opportunity to install a hot tub at your home by a dozen meters or to pour in own bathroom a sulfur spring. But want is power: and well-being, every means is permissible. Let’s see something new, between showers and sensory immersions in acoustic tubs, shower cabins with sauna or equipped for color therapy. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Sound Wave: Music therapy in the pool of the house

Music therapy is one of the most powerful experiences that you can do in a spa. Well, today the literally immerse themselves in their favorite music using the bathtub as a sounding board is possible thanks to the system of Sound Wave. The acoustic tubs capable of using the water bath as a sound conductor in which the perception of the music, the harmonies and of the vibrations is absolutely perfect. The sound is transmitted both through the water, both when the tub is empty, ensuring an experience of sensory continuity unprecedented both in and outside the immersion. The system can be connected to any audio player system equipped with Bluetooth and is capable of supporting up to eight different channels of diffusion so that anyone using the bathtub can easily connect to their favorite playlist. And with sound Wave welfare it becomes a pleasant daily life, to find themselves every day… Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.


Emotional showers, a wellness program every day

A relaxing path to your door, sure, it takes a little more than the normal space, but make an emotional shower is a choice that definitely leaves a mark, also in the impact it has with respect to any guests. What an emotional shower is? It is a box high-tech shower that accommodates itself to the dictates of wellness programs in a spa, aligning several adjacent shower jets that create a real path genuinely wellness, which can be designed in a modular mixing showers of varying intensities and temperatures and elements capable of introducing music, lights and aromas for a relaxation in three hundred and sixty degrees with a possibility of almost infinite combinations. All designed in a high-impact design and modernity, able to make everything absolutely glamorous.

Beyond by Glass: Wellness and design meet

The line Beyond is something more than just a range of wellness products. Born from the collaboration between the Glass beyond offers shower areas and sinks that are not only able to give moments of true regeneration, carrying a piece of the spa at home but also they stand out as items of furniture, from innovative research, able to give every room a mood original and modern. In short, wellness and design come together because even the aesthetic is an integral part of relaxation and self-care. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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