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Gypsum Drywall-An ecofriendly option

If eco friendly is what you are, then you would miss not knowing about drywall. Dry wall is very convenient to recycle and is made all parts with recycled and environment friendly material. The most common Drywall is Gypsum drywall, gypsum being a mineral found freely in nature, comprising mostly of calcium sulphate and water. Gypsum plaster is most commonly known to as Plaster of Paris.

So what really is Drywall?

Drywall is a building material that has usually has a gypsum centre packed in by two weighty faces of recycled paper. They come in panels and are very cheap and easy for surfacing your home interiors, since they are less laborious and quicker to work with.  Gympsum drywalls are also fire resistant. This is an added advantage. Gypsum as a mineral contains large amounts of water in the crystalline form. Upon its contact with fire, the crystals melt due to the heat and turn into vapors as they reach their boiling point. These vapors cool the drywall thus protecting your home. They can be used anywhere, right from your bedroom to your bathroom and it doesn’t even matter if your home has walls of plaster. They can all effortlessly be cut with any sharp tool like a knife and once you cut them to the right measurements, all you need to do is tape them and sand them. They are very receptive to quite a large variety of paints as well as finishes.

Drywall History:

Drywall was initially invented in 1916 and got very popular during World War two.  It took a long time though for this product to be used by builders because in earlier times they thought that drywalls were really a hasty remedy and had none of the artistic qualities of plaster. Noone wanted to live in homes that were sloppily made. Interestingly, however, during the second world war when all the labour was concentrated on the war, the lack of people to do any other work lead to the used to this material.  Everything now was easy and quick to build be it home or places of work. People realized its benefits and thus its popularity.


At the moment Drywall comes in eight different types:

1 .The regular Drywall or gypsum drywall that is used for making walls, ceilings etc

2. The Fire Rated Drywall for walls and ceilings with fireratings of twenty minutes

3. The Impact resistant for high abuse areas/

4. Moisture Resistance: For bathrooms

5.  Board: for areas that require sound resistance.

6. Lead-Lines Drywall: for areas that are submitted to radiation

7. Flexible Drywall: for curves and arches

8. Blue Board: as a base for veener plaster.

Recycled Drywall:its uses

Besides being eco-friendly when in use, the drywall waste can also be recycled, although finding place that recycle them could be difficult. Drywall that is recycled after being crushed can be used to make new drywall. It can also be used as  a component of Portland cement. The most common use of it though is in agriculture as a soil conditioner. To know more visit

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