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The benefits of taking more short breaks

It should come as no surprise that getting away from it all is beneficial for us healthwise, for our body and mind. Not many of us would argue against the benefits of going on a break away a few more times a year. There are ways you can go more often – to take a few short breaks instead of one large one each year.

If you find that using annual leave for two weeks abroad makes the rest of the year too boring and depressing, a series of mini breaks spread throughout the year will help to keep you with a spring in your step. Planning a trip is fun, so who doesn’t want to do it more often? Still need to be convinced?

See more destinations

Imagine how many more places you can visit if you take more shorter breaks more in a year. Although there is much to be said for travelling to distant destinations and immersing yourself in a new culture for weeks, taking one weekend break every month for a full year means you can see 12 new destinations, not one! For flights from Irish Airports, visit

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Short breaks feel longer

When you are in a location for only a few days, you will tend to fit in more sights and activities. This makes the rest feel longer than it really is. Spending more time in one place, we tend to take things slower which can have the effect of making a vacation feel shorter. A short break will make you feel energized and refreshed, not feeling like you need another vacation.

Only hand luggage

The fastest way through the airport is to only carry hand luggage and this is what you need for a short vacation. Nobody enjoys spending valuable vacation time while waiting for goods to arrive at the carousel. If you can put everything you need in a tote bag, then you are free to get off the plane directly into the holiday atmosphere.

Planning is just as fun

We get a real mental boost from planning and anticipating holidays. It motivates us, gives us something to look forward to and gives us more of the feel-good factor. Planning a shorter break allows us to feel this good regularly.

Turn off more easily

For those who are struggling to escape from work demands or family commitments, a long vacation can add to this stress. Thoughts about work that is piling up or responsibilities that are not being met can make it difficult to relax and turn off. Shorter breaks will not be as stressful as you are only away for a few days and you are more likely to turn off your phone and have a proper mental break. Much easier to find someone to care for your pet for a short break too!

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Increase your productivity

Regularly refreshing your brain, like leaving the table at lunch or taking a walk is known to help increase productivity. The same applies for weekend breaks too. By regularly breaking away from the pressures of everyday life, you reach space to help you feel more refreshed when you return.

Save the money

Of course, it makes sense that short breaks will be cheaper than long ones. They also tend to mean you don’t travel so far, making flights and hotels cheaper because you don’t pay as much for your overnight accommodation.



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