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strong muscles

How to make pumps to have strong muscles

Pumps are the best exercises to increase the size of the pectorals that are often associated with a beautiful male plastic. There are many variants and some aim to strengthen the pectorals compared to other areas of the upper body. By using the right technique, it is possible to reach your goal or work that particular area. On, we give you some tips on how to make pumps to have strong muscles.

strong musclesFirst, we recommend you read the article on how to gain muscle mass for more tips that will allow you to increase the size of your pecs. For example, a diet that properly combines proteins, carbohydrates and good fat will be an excellent ally to increase the size of your muscles.

Know that the pumps, besides the pectorals, also work triceps, abdominals and the back. However, you can make pumps that will work only your pectorals. Indeed, by positioning your hands in a certain way, all efforts will concentrate on this group of muscles.

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Concretely, to make pumps that will increase the size of the pectorals, you must increase the distance between your hands compared to conventional pumps. The idea is to begin the exercise by stretching on the floor, on the stomach, and stretching the arms in such a way that they form a cross with your body.

Then fold the arms and place your hands at the place where your elbows were. This is where you will succeed in making targeted pumps. To get a better idea of the position to adopt, please refer to the image.

For the pumps to work only the pectorals, in addition to moving your hands away, spread your legs and feet, about the width of your hips.

strong musclesIf your physical condition allows you, never rest your knees on the floor during the pumps so that the exercise focuses only on the pectorals. In this way, a greater proportion of your weight will be taken care of by your pectorals during the exercise.

Another technique, more advanced, to increase the size of your pecs, is to place a load on your back. In all cases, we recommend that you do this only when your body is already well used to making pumps in this way, in order to avoid injuries.

If you add a weight to your feet, your pumps will be even more effective as the effort provided during exercise is more important and the muscles in your chest will work more.

strong musclesFor the number of daily pumps to increase the size of your pectorals, we suggest you do four sets of 15 repetitions and book a rest day of the week.

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