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Delicious Pizza World Records

If you love pizza, then you’ll love these fascinating world records that all involve the delicious Italian meal. The love for pizza traverses the globe, with so many different varieties and tasty fresh ingredients, there is no better comfort food. Why not go Italian tonight and search for Italian Restaurants in Dublin?

Heaviest Pizza

This world record has nothing to do with size but sheer weight. The heftiest pizza ever created was at the Norwood Hypermarket in South Africa. It was 122 feet 8 inches in diameter and weighed a mighty 26,883 pounds! It was created in December 1990 and included almost 10,000 pounds of flour, nearly 4,000 pounds of cheese and 2,000 pounds of chopped tomatoes.

10 Minute Pizza Eating Challenge

These kinds of challenges are popular in the U.S and the world record for largest amount of pizza eaten in 10 minutes goes to the former hot dog eating champion – Joey Chestnut. The bar was set in October 2008 in Times Square, New York when Mr Chestnut managed an incredible 45 slices in 10 minutes! For his troubles, and possibly bellyache, he won $5000 but probably consumed a staggering 11,700 calories in 10 minutes.

Biggest Pizza

No world record list would be complete without mentioning the world’s largest pizza ever made. This world-record pizza was created in Rome, Italy in 2012. The surface area of this colossal pizza was 13,580 square feet and was made gluten-free to spread the word about cooking for dietary needs.

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Most Toppings

This is an unofficial record but remains unbeaten to this day. A girl from Los Angeles uploaded a video in which she was challenged to find as many edible toppings for a pizza as possible. The girl managed 27 toppings for her pizza, not including salt and pepper. There were the usual suspects like pepperoni, bacon, and peppers but the toppings also included chili and cookies! Whether she had to consume the heavily laden pizza remains unclear.

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Pizza Collections

Some people love pizza so much that they decide to collect pizza-related items. U.S resident Brian Dwyer of Philadelphia can boast a respectful collection of 561 items. He has pizza-related stickers, comic books, clothing, board games and household items. He began collecting all things pizza back in 2010 and you cannot question his dedication to the pizza cause.

Most Boxes Held

This record’s rules were that the boxes had to be the standard 14-inch pizza box variety, stacked however you felt most comfortable and only held with one hand. The balancing act had to be maintained for at least 3 seconds. In December 2014, the staff at Mr Jim’s Pizza in Carrollton, Texas decided to attempt to beat the existing record. 80 boxes were arranged in a tower and an employee was able to balance them in one hand for a grand total of 5 seconds.


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