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How to grow your eyebrows with olive oil?

Eyebrow fashion changes over the years, but very thin eyebrows have a particular effect on your face and make your features younger. Over time the number of hairs on your eyebrows decreases and you want to stimulate their growth so that they are more abundant and bushy, you can then resort to some tricks and home solutions to achieve it. We explain in how to grow your eyebrows with olive oil to improve their health and appearance.

eyebrows Olive oil has many cosmetic properties, including its ability to moisturize hair and hair deeply while strengthening and improving its appearance. When the hairs are hydrated, they are more likely to grow healthy and abundant, and the use of olive oil has been associated with eyebrow growth. However, to ensure its proper functioning it is advisable to consider other solutions.

The first thing to know is that if you let your eyebrows grow you do not have to depilate them otherwise you will continue to damage the hair follicle and slow down their growth. You must be patient to see the results, in addition to following the recommendations we give you.eyebrows

To grow your eyebrows with olive oil you must follow this treatment every night while you sleep so that the oil penetrates well into each follicle and thus improves its effectiveness. First, wash your face to remove any residue of makeup and dirt, the treatment should always be applied to a perfectly clean face.

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Before applying, exfoliate and massage the area to remove dead cells and stimulate blood circulation, allowing the oil to be more effective and give better results. To do this, it is recommended to massage the area with a soft brush by making movements from front to back. Spend at least 2 minutes on each eyebrow to maximally stimulate the entire area, remove all dirt and remove dead cells so that olive oil penetrates more efficiently.eyebrows

Then, if possible using a perfectly clear brush or, if not possible, a brush, soak it with a little olive oil and rub your eyebrows with a gentle massage and Ensuring that they are completely covered with product. It is important to massage them a little to stimulate blood circulation, which will help to stimulate hair growth.

In addition, you can enhance the nourish and stimulate their growth with a special eyebrow cosmetic product that will bring them vitamins and improve their appearance during the day. There are a variety of serums on the market that can help you stimulate eyebrow growth and have a more balanced face and a more intense look.eyebrows

You can also try applying Vaseline on your eyebrows, read our article how to grow your eyebrows with Vaseline, we explain all the steps.

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