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Some Singing tips for sing you better

Many people love music and want to sing when they hear their favorite songs or play an instrument. Singing is not necessarily easy and you may feel discouraged if you hear that you are not singing well or that your voice is not pleasant to hear. Some people have a voice that allows them to sing more easily, while others may have more problems because they have a less nuanced voice or a little melodious timbre. There are, however, some recommendations that can help you improve in singing. on esscnyc, we explain to sing better.

singBefore you start singing, there are a number of factors to consider:

The position of the body: The ideal is to stand up by releasing your shoulders, the back straight and being relaxed.

  • You should breathe calmly without trying to suck up more air than usual: Try to properly manage your breathing so you do not suffocate yourself while singing. You will have to analyze the moments of the song that allow you to catch your breath. You can practice breathing exercises.
  • Do not sing with your mouth closed: This does not mean that you have to open your mouth a lot, but you will have to feel that when you sing, your mouth is not tense, just like your tongue or throat.
  • It is imperative to know your voice: Therefore, choose the songs that make you more to sing because they are easier to sing to you. Sing a song in which you feel comfortable and try to find which parts are the most difficult and which you will have to improve. Another important thing is to know which note you get to sing, which does not mean you cannot sing higher notes with a bit of workout. You can use a piano to repeat each note, going to sharper notes. Repeat the notes and you will see that your voice is more comfortable on some notes. Later, you can try to achieve sharper notes, with a little training. A number of vocal techniques can help you improve your voice.sing
  • Try another registry: It is possible that when you started singing, you interpreted a registry that is the one you like. As we mentioned above, when you want to sing a song and feel comfortable, it’s because this song is tailored to your voice. However, there may be other genres and registers that you have not tried and that require you to know aspects of your voice that you do not know. You may be used to singing in the treble while it turns out that your voice is perfect for singing more serious songs.


  • Another factor to consider is self-confidence: One of the main problems is the lack of confidence or stress that appears when you are confronted with someone. You have to get used to and work self-confidence. When you are at the stage where you are singing and you are comfortable, you must go to the stage of singing in front of a friend or relative. The first time this will involve a significant effort, but if you see that you can do it, you will feel better and you will have more confidence in yourself. So you can gradually broaden your audience. It will sometimes be harder to sing in front of some people and it will take longer because you have a different relationship with each person. Do not focus solely on not being nervous. Once you have crossed this threshold, try to put other things in your interpretation like look and gestures.sing

Singing means taking care of your voice because if you have a beautiful voice and you know how to use it, but you neglect it, you are going to have problems when singing and you will not be able to tap into your potential. That means not to force on your voice, not to scream and not overwork it when you sing. It is also important that our voice rests whenever you use your vocal cords. This will allow them to recover and avoid problems such as hoarseness. Drink water and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.sing

  • Practice often: You should try to establish a routine whereby you can train your voice by doing exercises to better sing little by little. Practice is what will make you improve every day until you fully master your voice. Make vocalizations by working, as we explained above, the notes that your voice does not yet master to improve. Perfecting your voice takes time and requires patience, but if you try and you stand by your program, you will reach your goal. Be careful that your voice is not hoarse when you sing. Do not shout and stop if you feel pain or excessive tension when singing.

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