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How to choose the dress that suits your silhouette

Women’s dresses are offered in many shapes, lengths, and styles because there are not two women built in the same way. Promote your best features. Learn to choose the styles of dresses that enhance your natural assets.

Hips and thighs generous

For a pear-shaped silhouette, you need a dress that attracts the eye towards the shoulders, neck, and arms.

  • Emphasize your slimmer torso by choosing a dress that you can tighten to the waist for a wasp-sized effect and has a square collar or a draped hooded collar.

dressHeavy arm

A light summer dress with floating sleeves can drape your arms and offer you all the necessary mobility while keeping you cool.

  • Look for three-quarter sleeves for evening gowns.
  • The blouse dresses also hide the arms and is excellent as casual outfits.

Small chest

Several styles of dresses can help to enhance the torso. The best choices for this silhouette include sheath dresses, strapless cocktail dresses or tube dresses.

  • Any detail around the chest will enhance your profile and magnify your figure.

dressChest generous

At the office, choose a modest style that follows your generous curves in a subtle way without getting bigger everywhere.

  • You can enhance your chest with festive dresses and cocktail dresses in bodice or sunbed or decollates.


More Size

If you have the rectangular profile, with large shoulders, hips, and thighs, add curves with plus size dresses that enhance your waistline.

  • Think of a wrap dress, a sheath dress or a belted dress.
  • Maxi dresses with tall patterns in waist or waist can also create a flattering look floating from head to toe.

dressSmall size

The smaller women with thin silhouette can wear the little black dress better than the others.

  • Choose evening dresses that unveil your legs and show them off.
  • Smaller women also look great in a mini-dress with a V-neck or a well-fitting sheath.
  • If you are small but heavy, stretch your legs with a plus-sized dress to a medium length that wraps or drapes your curves.


To add contours to a sleek silhouette, choose casual dresses that add volume without weighing yourself down.

  • Enhance your waist with belts to expand your shoulders and hips.
  • Thin silhouettes look good in maxi dresses or other strapless or sleeveless dresses.

dressShopping tips for dresses

  • Waist straps and belts accentuate curves and enhance your other strengths.
  • The heavier silhouettes look more imposing with monochromatic looks and medium length dresses.
  • The plus size women get to get their legs up and tighten their waists to better define the silhouette.
  • Thinner women should avoid tight-fitting dresses and outfits while in black.
  • The mid-calf dress is elegantly styled and easily transformed from office to evening wear.

The first step towards creating a unique personal style is to understand your own silhouette. The incredible number of different dresses for women is much less intimidating once you have restricted your choices to those that are more flattering.

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