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The new Peugeot 308 unveils its 2017 vintage

A mid-career restyling for the Peugeot 308. Star of the compact, the Peugeot 308 makes a little beauty. What are the changes in this restyled version?

Released in September 2013, the Peugeot 308 is entitled to its mid-career restyling. It offers aesthetic, technological and mechanical changes and is expected to be available to order in June 2017 for sale in September.

carWhat changes outside?

Visually, the changes are not flagrant but they do exist. The hood of this restyled 308 is higher with more marked lines. The bumpers are modified and incorporate two large lateral air intakes as well as new fog lights.

Led signatures are standard on all finishes (Access, Active, Allure, GT Line, GT, and GTI) while the grille with marked contours is more vertical. It is also adorned with facets chrome as the 3008 and hosts the lion in its center. The stern is, therefore, more virile.


carMore technology inside

The new 308 takes advantage of its restyle to accommodate eight new systems of the latest generation for driving assistance.

For example, the arrival of the unintentional line warning alert, the adaptive cruise control or the 180 ° recoil camera.

The touch screen adopts capacitive mode, 3D navigation connected with voice recognition. The Mirror Screen feature allows you to duplicate a smartphone screen and now has compatibility with Mirror Link, Android Auto, and Apple Car Play.

carA new engine block

Under the hood of this restyle, Peugeot 308 appears a new engine. This is the 130 hp BlueHDI diesel four-cylinder. Another novelty is the possibility of combining the 180hp BlueHDI block with the eight-speed automatic transmission EAT8 developed by Aisin.

Peugeot also announces that all engines have been revised to be more efficient. They will be cleaner and adapt in advance to the new Dollars 6c standard. Thus, the PureTech block 130 ch receives a particle filter and yet it is indeed a petrol engine.

carA new car at what price?

On the price side, Peugeot announced nothing definitive. However, let us bet that prices should not change too much compared to the current version. The 308 is available starting from 18 800 dollars for the version Access 1.2 PureTech 82ch and 22 600 for the diesel 1.6 BlueHDI 100ch.

In the end, as discrete as these changes, they should allow the Peugeot 308 to continue its brilliant career for a few more years. Waiting for a real new version by 2020.

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