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How to Set Up Your Own Automotive Mechanics Workshop

We live hard times in which it is better to take charge of your own destiny. It’s time to start. If you have a passion for the engine and the cars: Have you thought about setting up your own automotive mechanic workshop? It is a possible dream and a totally profitable project, if you know the car repairing tricks. Here we give you the step by step of how to achieve your project.

The first thing you need to know about automotive mechanic workshop

automotive mechanic workshop
automotive repair shop

The essential part of the business is who is going to take care of the cars, repair their engines and electrical systems. Our advice is, even if you only consider the business administration and the contract of professional mechanics, learn the necessary professional training to master the repair of engines and the fixing and care of electrical systems. In this way, you will perfectly dominate the market you wish to influence. Think that all independent and small businesses win before the eyes of the public when they are attended by their owner in person: that raises consumer confidence.

Think like a customer: Would you put your precious car in the hands of someone who does not commit?

Solve the procedures to start a business

automotive mechanic workshop
Solve problems

There is a notable difference between the business that fails and the one that succeeds, and that is the planning. There is a whole series of legal and financial procedures that you must complete to establish and start a business such as an auto mechanic workshop.

First, you must register at the Treasury and before the commercial authorities as an entrepreneur and register your business. We recommend that before you find a place and invest a penny, you begin to investigate the requirements for these purposes: you do not want to stay with everything assembled while the authorities take their time to say goodbye, right?

The staff and services

automotive mechanic workshop
Choose skilled staff and better srvice

Setting up an auto mechanic workshop is not something that can be done alone. You can start with:

a) Partners and investors are required to acquire and assemble the infrastructure.

b) Administrative personnel, mechanics, and assistants.

c) Suppliers of spare parts and accessories.

d) Services of promotion and publicity.

From the financing, you will need to the mechanics that you will use to promote your services. Discover yourself known by those who need them, these are issues that you should predict the physical existence of your business.

The location and the place

Automotive repair services
Find large space

An auto mechanic workshop bases its success on two fundamental issues: the site where it is located and its location. Where should you install a workshop? How to know if that place will positively influence your business? Are you going to get enough volume of customers to make profitable the auto mechanic workshop you have decided to assemble?

In this sense, the best thing you can do is to commission a market expert before choosing the location and location. That way you will know if you are in the best place to find an echo to your efforts.

If you prefer to take a risk and not resort to a merchandiser, there is a simple way to find the ideal location. Choose a location near a new or used car dealership. There will be a natural movement of potential customers who demand a review of their engines and a constant set-up.

The infrastructure of automotive mechanic workshop

The place is just the chassis of a good workshop: As part of the investments to be made, you should think about adapting it with the most advanced equipment. What is the necessary infrastructure for a location in this specialty?

A pit: It is a minimum installation to analyze the most important parts of a car. You should review the security measures that operate within your community to know how it should be built. It is desirable to have a hydraulic jack and electrical system.

A parking lot: It is preferred that it be covered and part of the premises, and with space for at least four units. Think that the greater the number of cars you can contain, the greater the income you will receive for your work.

Tools: The most important part of the premises. Not only do you have to count on a good number of them, but also with electrical diagnostic equipment, paint material, an assortment of auto parts and spare parts, oil, and lubricants. For security, it is ideal to have a storage warehouse, to better control your inventory.

Suppliers: make value agreements

There is a necessary flow of provisions that make possible the work of an automotive mechanic workshop. You will need from implements for work (tools and auto parts) to oils, lubricants, cleaners … This, of course, means expenses, the biggest threat to a business.

Our advice is that before sacrificing quality in your services to save (and thereby affect the attention you owe to your customers) make agreements with suppliers, looking for discounts and promotions. And if one does not grant them … you can always go to the competition.

Search for specialization

When the automotive mechanic’s workshop begins to work and you have achieved a loyal clientele (the essential part of a small business) it seeks to specialize. What makes your workshop better? The painting? The tuning of engines? The revision and repair of the electrical system? Make that excellence your specialty and promote your workshop from it. Sell the rest of the services as additional, but focus your business on what you do well, like no one.

Independent or franchise?

One last question that you must solve before starting your operations is if you decide to be an independent workshop or work in the form of a franchise. This has advantages: the franchises solve all your problems of infrastructure and suppliers, choice of personnel and administrative procedures. They also offer professional update courses and an established promotion network. It is not an alternative to which an automotive workshop should refuse. Setting up an auto mechanic workshop, if done in the most professional and enthusiastic way possible. It will result in a business for a lifetime. Organize your business daily and that may be the livelihood not only of you and your current family but of future generations.

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