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How to keep your office cool in the summer

Office spaces are notorious for getting hot in the height of summer. This is often due to the number of people that are working in them, the equipment that is used in the office and of course the summer sun. There are a number of ways that you can help to reduce the temperature within your office space.

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Blinds – using blinds in your office can help to reduce the temperature in the room. It is important that you have the blinds closed on the side of the building where the sunlight comes in. This can help prevent the sunlight from streaming in and heating up the room.

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Brise Soleil – these are fitted to the outside of the building and they act as sun and heat shields and are installed by professional businesses like The deflect the angle of the light so it no longer comes straight in through the windows. This helps to remove the need to have your blinds closed all day long in the summer.

Plants – surprisingly having some plants in your office can help to reduce the temperature. This is because plants help to put some moisture back into the air. They can also be used to create a natural barrier between your employees and the windows which can help to break up the sunlight.

Equipment – make sure that you consider how warm your equipment can get and look at ways you can reduce this heat either through cooling fans or locating them in a cooler part of the office.

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