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How to harness the power of water

One of the most available resources on the planet is water. It is all around us and fills the very air. Without it, we could not exist. Most industrial and urban centres are located on rivers and water supplies such as wells. Whilst water may well be the bedrock of life it is also the source of great power and has proved to be a most useful tool and resource beyond field irrigation and keeping us alive.

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Fluid Power, like that from, is one of the best ways to move items and power industrial systems. You can see this in the work of the water wheel. Since medieval times, the need to mill flour in vast quantities has been vital. As the population grew, and also because of it, mills were operating almost 24 hours a day. To power these mills we created the waterwheel. Located next to a fast-flowing river it turns the mill and grinds the wheat for flour.

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This was only the beginning. Soon the water wheel was used to power more than flour mills. It was used in large industrial units like that at Quarry Bank near Manchester.  This huge wheel was able to power all of the spinning jenny and even lightning. We now use water to spin the turbines in electrical power stations like dams. They are sometimes responsible for a region’s entire electrical supply.

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