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Looking after your back when working in care

Working in Gloucester Support Worker Jobs can be very demanding on your body, and it is essential that you take care of your back. Take Five Healthcare Gloucester company, for example, will make sure that you are given all of the relevant manual handling training to help support the health of your back. Here are several things you can do to look after your back when working in care.

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Training – make sure that you attend any manual handling training that is provided by your employer and, most importantly, pay attention. Not only will they help you to protect your back with all the bending and lifting that care work entails, but they will also help to protect your clients.

Equipment – if the equipment is available to help you with lifting, make sure you use it, even if you think it will be quicker to do it without the equipment. This is to help prevent accidents both to your clients and to yourself from happening.

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Stretching – taking regular moments throughout the day to stretch your back can help tension and stress for setting into the muscles. This can also help to build up strength in your back and in your core muscles. You can also join exercise classes or take yoga to help build the strength up in your leg and arm muscles, which will help you when moving your clients.

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