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How we keep our water quality so pure.

We are so lucky in the UK as we have some of the best water quality in Europe. This is due to the constant vigilance and professionalism of our local water authorities. It also helps that we have a comprehensive drains and sewage system. This means that should there be Blocked Drains Chelmsford way or anywhere else in the UK it can be fixed. If you need help give a try.

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Our water goes through  a multitude of treatments before it comes out of the tap. The process is also extremely technology based. Did you know that one of the first stages it goes through is the use of nanotechnology? Ultraviolet rays pass through the water removing any impurities and bacteria along with titanium dioxide. This treats the water at a molecular level.

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Another is that of reverse osmosis. This is a thin membrane that filters out the water removing certain salts and bacteria again. The membrane contains micro thin pores that allow only liquid through.

Another blast of Ultraviolet is used. This incredible light is incredibly good at destroying impurities in the water better than some filters.  There is still use of fluoride and low grade disinfectants. Plus keeping the water flowing quickly is also a great way of naturally purifying water. All of these treatments and techniques contribute to making sure that the water we drink, bathe in and wash with is at the best it can be.

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