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15 Things of the Iphone Most People Ignore


Many iPhone users have not yet unleashed the full potential of their Apple device. There are too many settings and shortcuts built into the iPhone that people rarely use or know. Here are 15 tricks you probably did not know that your iPhone can do.

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1. Airplane mode allows the battery to charge faster

Switching to airplane mode your cell phone is turning off the WiFi, Bluetooth and network reception of the device and this will ensure a faster recharge.

2. Adjustments vibration

You can adjust the vibration of your cell phone as you want. You can even adjust different vibrations to different people so that you can differentiate them from each other, and know which is important and which is not. Simply go to Settings-Sound Tones Vibration Create New Vibration. To establish a new vibration for a contact uses the same process from the contact list.

3. Use the button Headphones iPhone

When the preset camera application is turned on, simply press the center button of the headset to take a quick picture. This will allow you to take better selfies at any time.

4. Take a picture with the volume button

If you prefer to take the picture without the configuration of the headphones button, you can simply use the volume up button and take a quick photo without your hands shaking.

5. Use long script

For all those who love accurate grammar, just hold down the hyphen button and you will discover a variety of scripts that you can use to adequately express your thoughts.

6. Photo Burst

Holding the take photo button, your phone automatically goes into burst mode and takes a series of photos, making sure you can get a perfect photo.

7. Turn off purchases within applications

If you want to control yourself from the insatiable need to buy something in Candy Crush or any other game itself, just go to Settings General Restrictions Disable Restrictions, low until you see purchases within the application or In-App Purchases and disable it.

8. Use your phone as a compass

Go to the compass application and slide your finger to the left and you’ll see an easy-to-use level anywhere.

9. Enable caps lock

If you are the type of person who likes to type in capital letters but does not want to use the Shift button repeatedly, just double-click the Shift button to leave the capital letter on. You can also go to Settings> General> Keyboard, and select if you leave the capital letter on or off.

10. More details on the calendar

Just rotate the screen when the calendar is open to display a more detailed personal calendar.

11. Shake to make and unmake text

Deleting a lot of text is always tiring. Just shake your phone and the option to undo will appear to erase everything for you. If you want the text back, shake it again and the red option will appear.

12. Find out what planes are flying over you.

People will think that you simply need to say planes about flying or what planes are above me? But that is not correct. The correct phrase is, ask Wolfram what planes are flying over.

13. timestamps in texts

Simply touching and dragging the text bubble you can see the time of sending that message.

14. Siri can read e-mails for you

All you have to say is read my email and Siri will tell you who the email, which is, on what date it was received and read all email. You can even ask for the emails of a certain person or simply ask for the last email received.

15. with the letters of the password

To use a password in letters instead of a password in numbers to unlock the phone, simply go to Settings General Passcode Lock Disable simple password. Once this is done, a QWERTY keyboard appears on the screen and allow you to set the password.

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