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What You Need to Know About Industry and Caster Wheels

Some industries are dependent on caster wheels to move large objects around. Heavy-duty caster wheels can be made to tolerate very high heat and can stand up to heavy loads. Shipping, waste removal, moving and transportation, manufacturing, and aerospace industries are just some that rely on these caster wheels to function more efficiently.

Shipping Industry

Shipping containers are large, bulky, and when full, they are extraordinarily heavy. Even when empty, shipping containers are extremely heavy, weighing up to thousands of pounds. Whether they rely on 4 inch caster wheels or other sizes, caster wheels make the containers easier to move to the right place.

Waste Removal

Waste receptacles need to be large enough to accommodate the anticipated waste they accept, which can make them awkward to move. It is necessary to move the receptacles occasionally, and with caster wheels, they can be moved by just one or two people.

Moving and Transportation

It is difficult to imagine moving large furniture and other items without caster wheels. Sometimes the wheels are on the item itself, but they can also be on other things commonly used to move items. Platform trucks and dollies are crucial to help workers move items easily and quickly.


There are many reasons the manufacturing industry uses caster wheels, including the need to move large pieces of equipment. Some parts used in manufacturing may also be challenging to move, and heavy-duty caster wheels can be designed to withstand the conditions inside the factory.


Take a moment to consider what moving an airplane on the ground would be like without caster wheels. Not easy, right? Heavy-duty caster wheels allow some of the largest vehicles in the world to be moved easily.

Industries rely on many different components to help them work more efficiently. Whether it is moving one of the largest vehicles on earth or moving the neighborhood waste receptacle, caster wheels make moving things easier.

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