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Hiring a Carer – Direct or Through an Agency?

When you’re on the lookout for ways to pay the cost of your own care, one of the most common solutions is to hire a carer – a relative, friend or hired professional that will help look after you. There are a few benefits to hiring a carer – direct or through an agency. Direct hiring means you are paying the carer directly, which will usually cost a lot more than using an agency. An agency will pay a wage to the carer, who in return will give a specific amount of time each week for your care.

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Another consideration to make is whether you want to pay a fee to have someone take care of you for a short period each week, or to have someone for a long-term commitment. If you’re looking for ways to cover the cost of your care, then you might prefer to have someone for a longer period of time. Find out about Live in Care Taunton options at a site like, who provide live in care Taunton.

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There are pros and cons to both direct hiring and agency hiring, and it all depends on how much you need to pay, how long you want someone to look after your children and what type of service you want. Although it’s important to remember that a registered nurse could be able to provide more than a carer, they won’t usually be as reliable and they won’t always be available when you need them.


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