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When did marketing first appear?

Marketing is as old as human civilization itself, though it is a fairly young discipline only really emerging in the 1900s as a concept. From the early community to our digital era, culture has been based trading and selling in order to move products faster than the competition. From the 1950s onwards, the concept of marketing strategy was led by the need to better understand the relationship between seller and buyer.

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Many marketing strategies that we know today have their roots in the Industrial Revolution. Mass production and transport, along with technological advances means that entrepreneurs need a plan that is more effective when it comes to the movement of goods.

It became clear that businesses will require specialists who can study the market and consumer behaviour patterns in ways to stay ahead of the game. This is a shift in thinking towards and moving the focus to put the customer experience at the forefront of decision-making. For a Marketing Strategy Consultant to help your business, contact a site like Really Helpful Marketing, a leading Marketing Strategy Consultant.

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From the 1950s on, as a result of saturation of the market, marketing had to be done at a more strategic level. Understanding your customers is key and marketing professionals advise companies on what to produce, how to distribute the product and how much it should cost. Acquiring knowledge of marketing is also becoming more desirable and the discipline has really taken off.

With social media becoming popular globally, marketing can now concentrate on connecting to consumers in real-time and in a more personal way. Businesses can now connect to customers and potential customers all day, every day and how a business engages with people is very important for success.


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