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Questions to ask a tree surgeon

When you require the professional services of a tree surgeon, it can be tough to know what to ask, especially if you’ve never used one before. You might be worried that you won’t be able to tell if they are good at what they do or not. Here are some tips for the things to look for and what you should ask them before they start work on your trees:

One of the first things you might be wondering is if they have any of the relevant qualifications. For tree surgeons, the governing body that oversees competence testing is a part of the City & Guilds organisation known as the National Proficiency Tests Council. The relevant certification should include one or all of the following certification:

CS30 & CS31 which cover the safe operation and maintenance of chainsaws, safety on-site, cross-cutting skills and the felling and dealing with small trees.

CS38 which covers the safe methods of climbing a tree and how to perform an aerial rescue.

CS39 which covers the operation of chainsaws from a harness.

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You should be aware that holding these certificates is not compulsory but hiring anyone without them could mean they do not have sufficient experience or safety training. Thankfully, there are many trained tree surgeons available, so you should always contact one of these, like Tree Surgeon Poole –

A professional tree surgeon could well have many additional certificates, training and memberships of professional organisations, don’t worry about asking as they should be happy to show you. Maybe they are a trained arborist or an approved contractor for the Arboricultural Association, for example.

Be sure to ask for a full written quote of any intended work to be carried out. This should have a breakdown of jobs and include a total cost. Nobody likes getting a nasty surprise, such as additional equipment hire charges, for example. Find out if the cost includes the removal of garden waste, as this can really build up when you’re having work done.

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As we all tighten our belts, it can be tempting to cut costs and corners. Don’t be tempted to hire a gardener or caretaker to complete tree work, especially if the work is difficult, awkward or dangerous. Gardeners are unlikely to be covered by the relevant insurance, have the right safety training or the most appropriate equipment. An untrained person should never climb a tree with a chainsaw!

Hiring a professional ensures that they have the right tools for the job. Check that your tree surgeon is wearing personal protective gear, like a helmet complete with vizor, proper chainsaw trousers, gloves, ear defenders and work boots. Harnesses and ropes are essential.

You might also wish to clarify who will be completing the work. The person you speak to might not be the one booked to do the job on the day. You have a right to know which parts of the task will be completed by a professional tradesperson, other team members or possibly sub-contractors.



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