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Making Use of your DIY and Building Work Leftovers in the Garden

If you have been having work done on your home, you may have some leftover materials. There are many materials left over from building or DIY projects which are great for use in the garden – the perfect way to reduce waste! Here are a few ideas that you might like to try out for yourself…

Leftover Concrete – If you have had an extension built recently, or been doing some building work, chances are you might have some concrete left over. This is great put to use in the garden – you can get creative and make your own paving slabs that are personalised to you. How about a mosaic design, or all the family handprints? There are lots of ways to have fun with this.

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Leftover Pipes – Pipes like this Watkins and Powis copper pipe are used for many plumbing jobs, so if you have some spare, why not turn it into a water feature? Copper looks beautiful as a feature for a garden water fountain, however, be careful when using it in a pond, especially if you have Koi carp in it as they are extremely sensitive to copper.

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Leftover Bricks – If you have recently been doing building work and have leftover bricks, why not use them to build a barbeque? This is a great addition to the garden for the summer, as well as a good way to use up any leftover bricks that you have from your building work.

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