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Four nutrients that can improve women’s sexual health

Maintaining your sexual health is important and a varied diet with a range of nutrients, minerals and vitamins can help to support good health, reduce PMS and even give your sex drive a boost. Some supplements can also be an excellent idea to ensure that enough nutrients are being supplied.

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Vitamin D and magnesium

Vitamin D is essential as a precursor for a range of hormones and helps to regulate a number of functions in the body. Low vitamin D can make women vulnerable to urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis or even a yeast infection. For more on this vitamin, and how it supports health, see this report in The Guardian. We make vitamin D with sun exposure, but supplements are inexpensive and readily available.

Magnesium is also a useful nutrient as it can help to relax muscles, and ease cramps. It also assists with regulating insulin, and you can get more magnesium in your diet from flax, almonds or legumes or with supplements.

Maca and plenty of fibre

Plenty of fibre means happy bowels, but fibre is good for other things too. Excessive oestrogen can cause problems, and a diet with plenty of fibre will help removed unnecessary oestrogen from the gut which could help alleviate PMS, and may help to protect against uterine fibroids.

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Eat more cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens, working up to two cups daily.
Maca is considered to be a superfood, and it is comprised of health-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. It can help offset the effects of hormones and stress that lower sex drive, and is a great addition to smoothies.

If you have engaged in any unusual or risky sexual behaviour, it could also be time to get tested for STIs, and home kits make this so much easier. If you’re interested in finding out more about home STI kits Greenwich based suppliers such as will be able to offer you the help and guidance you might need from home STI kits Greenwich and countrywide.

The tools for maintaining optimal sexual health are at our disposal. By improving nutrition and getting regular tests for STIs we can care for our reproductive organs and make sure that they are healthy and free of disease.

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