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How to Install a Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pool fence doesn’t only add class to your home but also it guarantees safety and security. Every summer, we usually heard and read of the many very bad drowning accidents.


1. Make use of a spool of thick twine or a garden hose, and put in it on your deck where you would certainly like to set up your pool fence.

2. Sketch out where you want the gate of your pool fence to be. Usually, the gates fences are about 3- to 6-feet wide.

3. Draw the twine or garden hose taut. Make sure to measure its length. This is about how much fencing you will need to purchase.


Installation Process of the Fence

4. Look for a big peace of thick cardboard which is at least 42 inches long. Cut out two small holes 36 inches part. The distance between holes indicates the distance between fence holes.

5. Cut out another hole only 2 1/2 inches from one of the 36-inch holes. This is to imply the distance between fence sections. You now have your drilling template.

6. Lay your drilling template down, placing the first hole on the first drill site. Employ waterproof marker to color through the hole and determine where you will drill. Holding the template steady, you have to mark through the hole of the second 36-inch hole and then the 2 1/2 inches for the fence section. Repeat the process around the pool.

7. Measure your drill bit against the length of the plastic sleeves you will install into the cement.

8. Put a piece of tape around the drill bit at the point where it meets the sleeve. This will prevent you from further drilling. You will determine that you have drilled to the size of the plastic sleeve, and you won’t drill the hole too big or too small

9.You have to use a protective eyewear before you start drilling and never forget to wear gloves.

10. Lock the drill in hammer mode. Do not bear down on the drill, but do hold it firmly.

11. Brush away any loose cement.

12. Push the plastic sleeves into the freshly drilled holes. Insert the swimming pool poles into the sleeves. You have to insert it tightly, down to the bottom of the hole.

13. Lay out the poles and mesh that will shape your swimming pool fence.

14. Start at the gate-end of the pool and insert the fence poles along the perimeter, pulling the mesh fence taught behind you.

15. Place the openings in the upper-most part of the first and last poles. Attach the spring-loaded hook into the eye for the gate between these final two poles.

Swimming pool fence installed by Arizona Pool Fence includes a limited lifetime warranty that provides protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and installation. With over 20 years experience and 100,000 pool fences installed worldwide.

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