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How do you Know When it is Time for Someone to go into a Care Home?

Making the decision that the time has come for a family member to move out of their home and into a care home can be a very difficult and painful decision to make. It can feel like a huge burden of responsibility and the desire to do right by the person and consider their wishes as well as weighing up how you can best give them the help and support that they need can be incredibly difficult.

Often, the decision can be made after a single event such as the person has a nasty fall or does something dangerous whilst on their own. They may end up in hospital and that way the hospital staff will advise what they need in terms of care and support when they are discharged.

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Sometimes it is more complicated. A person may slowly start to decline in health, and struggle with tasks around the home, or they may start to exhibit odd behaviours such as forgetting things, or leaving the house at strange times of the day, possibly forgetting the reasons that they left in the first place – this can be signs of dementia.

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Many care homes such as this care home Taunton based Notaro homes are well equipped to deal with people suffering from dementia, and for many it is the safer option as staff who are trained to deal with the illness can offer round the clock care and make sure the person is safe and well looked after as the illness progresses.

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