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Considerations Before Buying a Brownfield Site

There are several things you should consider before making a purchase of a brownfield site. The first thing you should know is that there are several types of sites to choose from. Whether it is a commercial brownfield site or one that is located in a residential neighbourhood, the property you buy will come with a list of specifications and conditions that have been laid out for all interested parties. These details should be carefully considered before purchasing a brownfield site because some can be quite complicated.

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Once you decide on a site you need to be aware of how much space is needed on the site so you can plan ahead properly. In order to determine how much area will be required, you will have to know how much land the proposed building will be on. You will also need to know how many tenants will be living on the property. If you are planning on building a multi-family unit on the site, this is important information as the land will need to be decontaminated first and made good for future use. For Soil Remediation Service, you’ll find soil remediation service provided by soilfix

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Before buying a brownfield site, you should research the marketability of the land and make sure the area is surveyed for contaminants. It is important to know what the previous use of the site was before signing on the dotted line as this could have serious implications for the cost of developing on such a site.

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