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Custom Site Versus Template

Have you been tempted to save money and create your business website from a template? Why would you pay a web developer to do it when you make a quick and easy one from a readily available template?

Custom Design – One of the major benefits of having a professional design your site is that it will give your site an advantage over your competitors and stand out from all those designed using the same dull template. There are so many thousands of sites on the internet that it’s becoming increasingly important to have yours as slick and professional as possible to get noticed. Custom-made sites tend to perform better in search engine rankings as opposed to template sites.

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A custom design can be tailored and adapted to meet the needs of your business completely. There is more opportunity to create a site built around your brand. The site can grow and adapt at the same time as your business does, which cannot be said about template sites. For web designers in Reading, visit star web innovation web designers in reading

Templates designs are so easily available online that similar businesses in your area could be using exactly the same template for their site. You won’t stand out, won’t look unique and simply disappear into digital obscurity. Templates are not created with search engine optimisation in mind either, so you might experience the frustration of being stuck at the bottom of the rankings. Template designs also tend to suffer from less than satisfactory tech support and browser compatibility.

When choosing a template option, you don’t have the freedom or creative access to customize your site exactly how you want it to be. Unless you’re highly knowledgeable about what you’re doing, it’s also tricky to add elements like video, images and text to your template.

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Custom website will also come with a CMS (Content Management System) meaning you can access and update your site from anywhere. If search engine position is important to your business, then a custom site is definitely the choice for you. It’s true that hiring a web professional will cost you more than obtaining a template, you’ll get a unique site tailored perfectly to your business needs. Your visitors will enjoy a far slicker and more enjoyable user experience as well.

Another considerable disadvantage of using a template is that you will need to learn a certain amount of coding in order to make changes to your site. Without such expertise, you’ll have to learn how to do it yourself or hire someone who can do it for you. If your template is an older version with out-dated coding, it might not run on all browsers.

It’s important to understand what might be involved if you choose the cheaper, quicker option of buying a template. The maintenance of the website is going to need an investment of time and money, with you also needing to learn what it takes to build a website. Suddenly, the thought of investing in a custom-made website begins to sound increasingly attractive.

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