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Choose the Right Conference Venue with Our Tips

If you have been given the responsibility for organising your firm’s latest conference, you have to start choosing a venue quickly. The best venues get booked up well in advance, and you don’t want to be stuck with what is left after everyone else has made their choice. So where do you start? If you are arranging your first conference, here are some tips for selecting the venue that is just right for you.

Choose the Right Conference Venue with Our Tips

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Where Is the Best Place to Hold Your Conference?

Start by thinking about who is likely to be attending your conference. Is it for local business people only, for example? Will delegates be travelling from overseas? Make sure that transport links to the venue are efficient. Look at air, rail and road links and ensure that they link up. Your delegates will want a seamless journey to the venue. At least some of them will be travelling by car, so check out the parking arrangements too. When you are considering how to arrange a corporate event, these details matter.

What will delegates do to relax after the conference sessions? Research the local restaurants and tourist attractions. You could even host pre- or post-event functions at them to facilitate networking and team-building. However, according to the experts at organising academic conferences, there are problems if the area is too nice. Your delegates may choose to explore the area instead of attending the talks.

Choose the Right Conference Venue with Our Tips2

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If your conference is to be held over several days, many delegates will choose to stay overnight in the locality. If the conference venue is a hotel, can it accommodate all your guests? If not, is quality accommodation available nearby? You may need to arrange a shuttle service or negotiate discounts with local taxi firms. An event management firm such as can take care of details like this for you.

What Does the Venue Offer You?

Is the conference hall big enough for your expected attendance? Speakers at conferences now demand the latest in audio-visual equipment to deliver presentations, so make sure that the conference room is kitted out. Are there additional areas for networking, poster presentations and workshops? You may need several of these at the same time. Put together a draft timetable and work out who will be where at what time.

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