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How to make crispy fries

The fries are a real treat. You can eat them alone or accompanied by a sauce or as a side dish in many dishes of everyday life. Although it seems that frying does not seem to have any secrets for ordinary people, some advice to prepare them better will make the difference between good fries, very tasty and crispy, and conversely, fries soft, dried and dull. Discover in this article of esscnyc, WHAT you need to know to make crispy fries to impress your guests.


crispy friesBefore you see which tricks will allow you to have crispy fries, you have to know that the type of potato used will have a big role on the result. It is better to choose potatoes that are not too ripe or too green, but rather normal or almost ripe potatoes well watered. In the same way, the more yellow potatoes will make better fries. If you choose your potatoes well, you will immediately notice the difference when you consume them.

One of the most commonly used cooking tips for crispy fries is double frying or frying twice. Thus, it is possible to reinforce the crispy appearance of the potato obtained during the first frying. Because, over time, the potato will soften due to its moisture.

crispy friesTo do this, it is best to fry them, the first time in warm oil (at a temperature between 180 and 200 degrees) for about 50 or 60 seconds. Then remove them and put them on a plate covered with tissue paper to get rid of the excess oil and let rest for a few minutes. Then, make the second frying, with a slightly warmer oil and fry for about 3 or 4 minutes. When your fries are golden brown, you can serve them.

Apart from double frying, there is another very effective trick to get crispy fries. It consists of cooking them in boiling water before frying them in a frying pan or fryer. Above all, it is essential to maintain a fair balance between starch, pectin, and sugars in the potato; otherwise, they will soften and be much less solid. This is why, in addition to boiling in salted water, we recommend adding a fillet of vinegar for cooking as the vinegar keeps the pectin in potatoes.

crispy friesSimply boil potatoes cut into pieces in a saucepan with water, with a little salt and vinegar for 10 minutes to remove excess starch and improve their flavor. Then remove the water and use a paper towel to dry them. Then you can fry as usual.

crispy friesFinally, you can use the technique of freezing to make the fries crisper. If you do not like frozen chips, you can use this technique at home with freshly cut potatoes. The internal structure of the fries will break even more and your fries will look even more beautiful. When you have well-cut potatoes, put them in a freezer in a plastic bag and take them every time you cook them.crispy fries

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