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How AI Is Impacting the Relocations Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot button topic across a range of sectors, with commentators and experts arguing over how its influence will be felt in the coming years.

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So when it comes to the relocations industry, what are the expected changes that AI will bring about, and is it already causing shifts that can be seen today?

Customer Service

Organising a move can be stressful, and many people need to keep in regular contact with the relocations firm they choose before the big day arrives.

If questions or issues arise during office hours, then it is fairly simple for providers to deal with them. However, if panic sets in outside of this timeframe, clients may feel frustrated at not being able to get a response.

This is where AI-powered chatbots come into the picture, providing real-time help and advice to people without eating into the customer service resources of the organisation.

Autonomous Transport

Even if the planning process goes smoothly, a major move can encounter complications when it is time to hit the road and haul a client’s possessions hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Companies like have been providing employee relocation services for a long time, so they know how to handle long-distance transport of precious cargo effectively. But there are always other variables which cannot be accounted for until they strike.

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Experts believe that the dawn of the autonomous automotive age will get under way sooner rather than later, with self-driving trucks set to hit the road before passenger cars with similar capabilities.

At the core of upcoming driverless vehicles are the AI-controlled software services that can crunch the vast amounts of data fed to them from integrated onboard sensors and make sense of it to help respond to changing conditions on the road ahead.

Some expect that autonomous trucks used in the relocations industry in the future will effectively be able to predict accidents before they occur and take action to avoid them, working together with millions of other vehicles on the road as part of a vast interconnected transport network.

Simply put, AI has the potential to revolutionise this industry and play a part in reshaping everyday life around the world. It should mean less hassle for humans and more free time, even if jobs are put at risk.

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