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Ultra E Network

Ultra-E network is ultra fast charging for electric vehicles that are preparing VW, BMW and Renault

If we reach that electric cars a reality for the vast majority, plus the industry decides accelerate time – fortunately the Paris Motor Show had green shoots – the infrastructure must be prepared: not everyone has at home a way to load cars, does not help too much load speed of what little there is on the streets.

For help with this last born Ultra E, an alliance between different European manufacturers and related electric vehicle charging companies. They want to go riding a network load much faster than we can imagine now old continent: there is talk of numbers greater than 350kW of power.

Ultra E Network
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What is the difference with what we have now? In the best case we would have to connect the drive to food for an hour and a half to get to 300 kilometers. As with Ultra E the time needed would be reduced to twenty minutes.

It seems clear that the one who has the burden at home does not have much speed priority, as it usually is a process that takes place at night.

But this kind of as fast connections enables people at home do not have the possibility to spend an acceptable weekly time for these purposes. It also has logic to establish long trips, if the network of points covers the space where we are going to move.

No cars for Ultra E

Current electric cars do not support much power, we talk about a system with specially cooled cables (HUBER + SUHNER) who come to control more than400 kW and 400 amperes in the case of passenger cars and up to 630 amps if we talk about commercial vehicles.

It is expected to have cars and take advantage of this type of cargo in 2018, although there is always the possibility of reducing the power chargers to suit electric cars currently being sold. I have doubts about the restrictions that will be for manufacturers and type of connectors, we hope things go standardizing and not creating more problems than there already.

The network of ‘ultra-fast’ charge will have their real takeoff in 2018, in a first phase that will support the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, with 25 loading points. To prevent this sounds like a joke to say that it has the support of such big names as Volkswagen, Magna, BMW, Allego, or group Renault.

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