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Namib Desert

Namib Desert: Sandwich Harbor and Walvis Bay in 4 × 4

One of the dominants I have most loved in Namibia is the desert. Embraces much of the east of the country, sandy, rocky, stone, there is something for all tastes and for all sports. Let’s know about the Namib Desert. 

If you plan to travel the Namibia coast to Swakopmund in your program, you can not help but experience the Naukluft National Park aboard a 4×4. Continue reading: HOW TO DELETE RIDE HISTORY UBER?

South of Swakopmund there are two main bays worth visiting, Sandwich Harbor and Walvis Bay, all of which can not be done independently because you cross a nature reserve and you need a special permit.

Salt pans of Walvis Bay of Namib Desert

Namib Desert

I entrusted myself to Sandwich Harbor 4×4 and I had a great time. They have different types of excursions possible, you can spend a full day. Like I did or half a day, or alternate the kayak or the 4×4 boat in the Namib Desert.

The day starts at Walvis Bay which is about 30 min drive from Swakopmund (I slept there) you start watching the salt pans and the animals that often populate them, then you follow the coast in a southerly direction, the landscape changes all the time, first small shrubs on a flat beach, then the dunes begin to grow, starting from a few meters until you get to be real mountains of sand.

Namib Desert

Herman my driver is really a guide magician, he also does the safe driving courses for BMW so we start to plow the dunes, the thing gets more and more whirling, it’s a bit like being on a roller coaster with yellow sand. Jumps, climbs, sudden bends, my stomach is in turmoil, my head is spinning is a really strong experience, and when you think you’ve already had so much fun come the views.

Climbing the tallest dune in front of Sandwich Harbor took my breath away. This beautiful natural inlet is so called because years ago a merchant ship ran aground in these waters and its name was Sandwich, in this area, there is a lagoon of fresh water that flows into the sea and this gives a unique biodiversity. At the time of the ship’s disaster, the lagoon was very extensive and the crew could safely get food and water until the rescue arrived only months later. Unfortunately, in the last 40 years, the lagoon has greatly reduced, to date it has almost disappeared, leaving space only to the sea.

Namib Desert

At the top of the dune, the view is almost endless, ocean dunes, white foam, from any angle you look at it is wonderful to take your breath away. You can play in the dunes along the length and breadth of it as long as you want and the thing that surprised me is that there are also animals. I saw antelopes and ostriches that peacefully enjoyed the heat of the sand.

One of the moments I admit I loved the most was lunch in the dunes. It based on oysters and prosecco. Let’s face it sometimes we deserve a special moment of relaxation and luxury!

One of the most beautiful lunches ever, excellent food, unbeatable location and the prosecco that always makes everything more beautiful: happiness.

Walvis bay ride

walvis bay

The day ends with a long photographic pause at Walvis Bay along the lagoon, where billions of flamingos arrive to eat in the early afternoon. Observing the dance that they do on the sand to make emerges the microorganisms they feed on is sometimes comical. You can easily sit on the seafront to watch them when you approach them they will suddenly leave but after a few minutes. They will come back to you completely ignoring you. Good photos! And if you follow my advice let me know. You may also like:

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