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8 more types of office desk to consider

For those who work from home or spend quite a lot of their time on their computer, a practical and comfortable home office desk is essential. Buying a new desk can be confusing because there are so many styles and materials to choose from. Here we will look at eight more types of office desk to consider.


Traditionally, wooden desks are a staple of the home office. You can choose many different types of wood, such as oak, pine and mahogany. Wood gives a natural look and makes for a resilient and strong desk that requires very little maintenance.


Laminate surfaces are normally a protective layer of plastic over a wooden construction. Laminate is handy if you want to protect the surface of the desk and allows flexibility when it comes to the colour scheme. Laminate isn’t the most stylish of finishes, but it is practical if you want to protect your desk.

8 more types of office desk to consider

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Metal desks are a thing of beauty and will give your office an ultra-modern look. Metal is an expensive material, so a fully metal desk may cost more than other options, although mixing a metal surface with a wooden base is a great way to get a sophisticated look at a decent price.


Glass surfaces are durable and require little or no maintenance, and they can significantly brighten an office. Glass is also a versatile material that can be used in a range of bespoke commercial desks from companies like

8 more types of office desk to consider2

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Natural wood tones are by far the most common desk finish. Wood finishes give a great timeless look that conveys class and sophistication.


White provides a clean, bright finish to a desk and is a popular choice for a modern office. White finishes also help to give a less cluttered look to an office, helping to keep your mind clear when working.


Black is a serious tone that gives a desk a stately look. Black finishes are also great for hiding marks and the odd tea and coffee stain if you happen to place your drink down without a coaster.


Grey is a calming colour that offers a modern look with less edge. Less harsh than white or black, grey finishes strike a good balance.

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