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Electric cars

Cost comparison makes it clear Electric cars for savers not an option

If you want to keep your car costs low, do not rely on an e-car. A plug-in hybrid with an additional combustion engine can be worthwhile. At least, if one reckons with data sheets.

The purchase of an electric car is rarely financially worthwhile. Only a few models can take up the real costs per kilometer with conventional motorized vehicles, as can be seen from comparative calculations of the ADAC. Surprisingly well, however, cut plug-in hybrid models.

Per this, a VW Golf GTE with plug-in hybrid technology costs its buyer at a five-year maintenance period and 15,000 kilometers of annual mileage 48.9 cents per kilometer. Both the comparable diesel and the corresponding gasoline are priced at 51.1 cents and 54.8 cents respectively. This includes, among other things, purchase price, loss in value, operating costs and taxes and insurance.

For plug-in hybrids, the bill could go up if the real consumption of the combustion would not be so high.Electric cars

Per ADAC, the choice of the plug-in hybrids is also worthwhile for other model trikes. The current version of the BMW 3 Series is 64 cents cheaper than the conventional models (petrol: 70.2 cents, diesel: 74.5 cc Cent), as well as Audi A3, Porsche Panamera Hybrid and Mercedes C-Class. Overall, the plug-in hybrid was 13 times ahead in 27 comparison groups.


The hook on the billElectric cars

However and this is probably also the catch on the invoice – the ADAC is based on the calculation of the manufacturers’ standard consumption, which could not be more realistic with plug-in hybrid models. In practice, the cost advantage – if it still exists at all – will be significantly smaller.

BMW wants to sell 100,000 electric cars in 2017Electric cars

The Volvo V60, which is twice as expensive (77 cents) with conventional diesel technology (70.6 cents), shows that the price advantage for the hybrid is no longer self-evident. The Swede suffers from the relatively high price; Unlike the competitors, the plug-in hybrid as a combustion engine is a particularly economical diesel in place of the cheaper gasoline.

Even in the case of pure electric cars, the high purchase price is particularly attributable to the cost balance. Despite the premium of 4000 euros, this still falls in favor of conventional models. In 27 comparison groups, the e-car was only six times the cost-winner – and that was only a bit short. At 42.1 cents per kilometer, the Kia Soul EV (gasoline: 42.3 cents, diesel: 43.1 cents) was used. As a rule, e-car buyers must pay a lot. For example, the bestseller BMW i3, which costs 47.8 cents per kilometer, while the Mini Cooper S from the same group manages 43.4 cents. According to ADAC, Renault Zoe (46.4 cents) and Nissan Leaf (50.6 cents) are also costlier than their respective comparative models.

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