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11 Considerations before Signing Up for a Drug Trial

It is not uncommon for the cash-strapped to volunteer themselves for clinical trials for money, as payment can average at £100 a day.

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Constantly ongoing medical research means there is always a steady supply of new drugs arriving on the market. Pharmaceutical businesses must ensure their products are safe for the general public, and paying willing people is the best way to test them.

1.      Trial variations

Drug studies go through different phases dependent on how much prior research has been conducted. A trial in phase one means you will be among the first to take the medication.

2.      Same payment despite risk

Usually, you will not be paid more for testing riskier drugs as payment is calculated by the length of time on the trial.

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3.      Trials may last several weeks

It is normal for trials to demand a stay of a few weeks on site, which can be disruptive to your home life.

4.      Examinations

Once singed up, you will be subject to a complete medical examination to ensure your suitability for the trial.

5.      Placebo drugs

Not everyone taking part in the clinical trial will take the drug; some will be given a placebo instead.

6.      Needles

It is common to be uncomfortable with needles, but you will likely need to give blood and be subject to other tests.

7.      Risks

There is always an element of risk in paid research studies. There are common side effects like headaches, nausea and fainting, which can leave you weak for a few days. Sometimes there can be more serious side effects, although these happen extremely rarely and those who take the risk are priceless in developing new drugs.

8.      Trials are regulated

All research trials must meet guidelines set out under the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), while an ethics committee also approves the trial.

9.      Aftercare

It is essential that you go for regular check-ups after the trial and inform your GP of your participation. Some adverse side effects cannot be predicted.

10.     Companies

There are a range of companies, such as, to choose from. Conduct thorough research and choose a company that is unbiased and well respected.

11.      Free to leave

If at any time you would like to stop the trial, you are free to leave.

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