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Exercises to have a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach and labeled abdominals is not simple, but by combining a balanced diet with an exercise program, it is possible to burn fat in this area and lose a size. Constancy and discipline will be your best allies to achieve this goal and get the silhouette you want to have. Do not get discouraged and practice the “exercises to have a flat stomach.

1. Abdominals

Among the exercises to achieve to have a flat stomach, a series of abdominals is obviously inescapable. This is the best way to burn fat accumulated in the area of the abdomen and to shape the belly. You can combine the classic trunk elevation with side abdominals, and gradually perform the abdominals with the legs up to make all the muscles work.

Exercises2. Board

This is another very effective exercise to have a flat stomach. You must position yourself in the position to perform flexions, by pressing your forearms to the ground and down your body until you are parallel to the ground. Once in this position, contract your abdominals as much as possible and hold for 1 minute. If at first, you do not manage to hold for so long, increase the duration gradually, until reaching a minute.

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3. Leg Elevation

Through the following exercise, you will succeed in toning your lower abdominals very quickly. Lying on your back on the floor, with your arms placed along the buttocks, you should lift the pelvis keeping the abdomen muscles contracted at all times. Stay in this position for a few minutes, moving up and down without your buttocks touching the floor.


4. Cycling

Lie on your back on the mat and place your arms along the body. Then lift your legs, bend your knees and start doing the same movement as if you were cycling on a bike. Perform the exercise by always keeping the belly contracted and then, make abdominals while pedaling with the legs, as can be seen in the picture.


5. Rotating Legs

We add a little difficulty to the exercise of the bicycle by realizing a rotation of the legs. Stay elongated with arms along the body, lift both legs stretched and tighten your buttocks. In this position, you need to draw circles in the air with your legs up. In addition to working the muscles of the abdomen, this exercise will serve to strengthen your glutes.

Exercises6. Side tilts

We end the series of exercises to have a flat stomach by lateral inclinations. To perform this exercise, you should stand upright, with your feet slightly apart, your arms stretched along your body and you are back straight. You simply need to tilt your body to one side, leaning the trunk and without bending your knees. Do four sets of 25 repetitions to both sides. We recommend you complete the exercise with dumbbells, an ideal way to narrow your waist.

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