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Getting your Blood Tested: Quick and Easy

We are the UK’s leading provider of online Blood Tests and Health Screens.  Our mission is to provide an accessible professional healthcare service to as many people as possible and to make available the necessary tools to help them understand and influence their own health.

We have over 600 locations across the UK that you can attend or alternatively we can arrange for one of our nurses to visit you either at home or at your place of work.  Our services are used by both individuals and corporate organisations helping them to get the information that they need with the minimum amount of fuss.  Assessed by accredited laboratories we can Test for Blood for almost anything and currently provide blood testing services for over 1200 different conditions.


Blood Tests are carried out for a number of different reasons.  Whilst they are commonly used to help diagnose and detect medical conditions and illnesses such as prostate cancer and heart disease they are also used to monitor conditions such as diabetes.

Carrying out a blood test is a relatively quick, simple and pain free procedure although you may experience a slight scratch when the needle goes in.

Blood samples can be taken from either a vein or an artery however most blood samples are taken from a vein.  The vein used will generally be either on the back of your wrist or the inside of your elbow.  Prior to taking the blood a tourniquet will be placed around the top of your arm. This makes it easier for the blood sample to be taken as it forces the vein to fill with blood.  The injection site will then be cleaned with a swab and the needle will be inserted.  The needle will either be attached to a low pressure blood test tube or a syringe with a plunger that can be manually pulled back to create the amount of pressure needed.  Once the necessary amount of blood has been collected the needle will be removed and a swab of cotton wool will be offered for you to hold over the wound.  After a couple of minutes this cotton wool can be removed and a plaster can be applied if required.

If however only a few drops of blood are required a finger prick test will be sufficient.  This simply requires a small prick to the top of the finger and the blood being squeezed out.

A full list of tests that we offer can be found on our website however if you need any help or advice choosing a blood test please call a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

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