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10 low-cost ways to improve your home this autumn

Improving your home does not need to be difficult, time consuming or traumatic. Give your home a boost and make it easy on yourself with techniques that do not require too much effort, too much time or too much money. Here we look at 10 of the best ways.

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Stay mobile

Put your furniture on castors so that you can wheel it around wherever you want, whenever you want.

Power of paint

Give old furniture a new lease of life by painting it a different colour. The Guardian explains why chalk paints are a good choice.

Go green

Plants not only produce oxygen but also brighten a space and add a whole new dimension of leafy splendour.

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Work with quirk

Add interest and a range of focal points with some small and quirky items, such as an elaborate picture frame or an intriguingly decorated side table.

Dapper drawers

Add a fun aspect to your drawers by lining them with colourful wrapping paper or wallpaper.

Decoupage it

If lining has inspired you, why not take up decoupage? Applying patterns or images to the exterior of dull furniture will give it a new lease of life.

Cheap and cheerful

Get some old crates and make new furniture, then decoupage it as above.

Cushioning effect

Delve into your fabric stash and dig out the most exotic prints and textures to make covers for cushions and slip-on covers for sofas and chairs.

The only way is up

For more storage, get hanging. Hooks and other methods of hanging items from walls and doors will make it easier to declutter. There are some pretty funky hooks out there to choose from, which also look stylish.

Hang it

If you have art or photographs you would like to display easily, put a bulldog clip or clips on each item and hang them from a nail or one of your funky hooks.

Don’t forget about the exterior; for example, make sure your garage doors look smart. If you need Stevenage garage door repair, consult an expert such as

Experiment and have fun. Try out different things and see how they affect the atmosphere in your home. The decor can reflect your personality very easily.

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