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Which wedding photography style is right for you?

Choosing a photographer is a big consideration for couples planning their wedding, but the style of the photography also plays a vital role in how the shots will look. What style you choose is down to personal preference, although some photographers will happily mix more than one style into your big day if requested.

Which wedding photography style is right for you

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The classic style of wedding photography that was pretty much the standard choice before digital photography came on the scene, traditional shots are posed or set-up photos. Shots will include carefully arranged photos of the bride and groom, family members, different groups of guests or the entire wedding party. Often formal in style, traditional photography focuses on key aspects of the day rather than candid or spontaneous moments. The photographer may spend considerable time setting up these shots and getting everyone into position.


This documentary or photo-journalistic style of wedding photography has become increasingly sought-after by couples getting married. According to The Telegraph, this type of photographer often has a background in photojournalism and news, making them adept at capturing poignant moments that tell the story of the day that guests might not have even been aware of. Because these shots tend to be unobtrusive and impromptu, the photographer simply takes pictures as he or she sees them instead of staging shots. Couples seeking a natural, candid approach to their wedding photography that focuses on feelings, emotions and moments often favour the reportage style.

Which wedding photography style is right for you2

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Another style of wedding photography that couples are increasingly opting for is contemporary or creative. Contemporary wedding photographers focus on visually appealing shots that don’t just capture the essence of the day but are like a work of art in their own right. When choosing a wedding photographer, such as Hampshire wedding photographer, always ask to see their portfolio so you can get a sense of the style of creative shots they might capture on your big day.

The scope for contemporary wedding images is huge, where creative elements may extend to almost quirky, or props may be used to give the shots a unique edge. Strong lights and unusual or interesting angles and backdrops may also be incorporated into contemporary wedding photography.

Although contemporary shots are much less formal than traditional ones, they are still usually staged, and creative techniques may also be applied post-production.

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