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5 Things To Do Before the Wedding Day

Are you ready to head down the aisle? Your big union is a special occasion, full of joy. It’s two special friends becoming one, prepared to share a life together. That final week leading up to the momentous occasion is full of excitement. The anticipation may be so much that you find it hard to concentrate on the little things. After months of planning, it’s best not to neglect some of the little details. You’ll want to consider the following five points before you say “I do.”

1. Perfect the Smile

On this day, more than ever, you will want a pearly white smile. Discoloration and gaps are blemishes you don’t want to remember. Make an appointment with your dentist, discussing how to prefect those teeth. Whitening treatments may be completed, removing as much yellow as possible. For any chips or cracks a process such as teeth bonding Park Slope may be used to create cohesiveness.

2. Walk in Your Shoes

A new pair of footwear takes some breaking in. Not only will you be standing for a long time during the ceremony, but you may also be strolling about the reception. Ensure that the shoes are broken in and ready to handle that kind of wear.

3. Try Out the Makeup and Hair

Have a practice run with your makeup and hair. The colors you think may look best could be too much. Try it out first, changing things up if needed.

4. Pose for a Few Pictures

Don’t hesitate to snap some images of the entire ensemble. You can get a glance at it all together. Practice your smile, and play around with the lighting.

5. Plan a Night With Friends

Don’t forget to take some time to relax and have fun with your girlfriends. Take a night for dinner and chit chat. Forget about the big day, and enjoy each other’s company.

Congratulations on finding that perfect someone for your life. May your day be the start of something amazing.

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