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Which accessories to wear with asymmetrical dresses

The asymmetrical dresses with an asymmetrical shoulder are timeless: these are very elegant clothes that make women beautiful and sensual by showing a little more skin than a traditional strapless dress.

You can wear them for important occasions, evenings and even with a casual look during the sunny summer days, everything will depend on the type of dress you choose.

Before putting on this type of dress, you need to know what to match to have a perfect style that will not disappoint you. Read the tips of this article from in which we explain what accessories to wear with one-shoulder dresses.

Accessories to wear with asymmetrical dresses

Below, we share our ideas and bits of knowledge about the accessories to wear with asymmetrical dresses. Shoe, bag, belt, and jewelry are the main. Let’s discuss.

Shoesasymmetrical dresses

Dresses with one shoulder are clothes that bring elegance and glamour to any woman who dares to wear them and for this reason, you must wear them with high-heeled shoes that will refine your silhouette and give you the impression of having very long legs. Here are some suggestions:

Classic heeled shoes are a sure option that can be combined with almost any dress styles, in addition to being very comfortable. In contrast, you should wear them with short asymmetrical dresses, as they are not matched with longer models. Similarly, the open-heeled shoes behind will give a more sensual touch to your look.

Peep toes are those shoes that show the toes and have become a classic because of their comfort and sophisticated design. They are ideal to be worn with a dress on one shoulder and if you also opt for a platform model at the front, you will create the trend wherever you go.

Whether you are wearing a long, short or evening gown, gorgeous heeled sandals are the best choice to complete your look and be dazzling. Moreover, in summer, your feet will thank you and you will be able to endure the heat without a problem.


Bagsasymmetrical dresses

Another essential accessory to complement your look and embellish your asymmetrical dress is an elegant matching bag with your shoes. So that the discovered shoulder is still put to its advantage, choose a bag that is not too big and depending on the occasion. For example, for formal events, it is more appropriate to opt for handbags, while for a lesser occasion you can drop out type shoulder bags type that is very fashionable and ally with all. Give thoughtful gift:


Generally, one-shoulder dresses do not require belts but the appropriate belt can highlight some exclusive models. The asymmetrical dresses with large volume and pleats or simulating two clothes (blouse and skirt) model more the silhouette if they are worn with a belt. Choose one that is not too wide to avoid overloading your outfit. The thin belts and rhinestones are recommended for long evening dresses or night events.

Jewelryasymmetrical dresses

Bring out your clothes with great jewelry has become fashionable, but you should always be careful not to hide your dress by too many accessories. The asymmetrical dresses can be worn with large earrings, bracelets, and rings on the arm that is completely uncovered. On the other hand, maxi-necklaces are excluded because they monopolize attention, masking the strong point of these clothes: asymmetry. Remember that discretion is the pinnacle of elegance and that depending on the models, it is better to accompany the dresses with few accessories.

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