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What to Think About if you are Planning a Wedding in the Winter

Although many people see the summer as wedding season, the winter is also a time that is appealing to some. Christmas weddings are popular, and the energy and excitement of the season can bring a lot of additional joy to a wedding around this time.

Sometimes people like to choose a day that is outside of the traditional summer wedding season because it is a day that is meaningful in particular to them or it might be that they like the idea of a wedding that is set in a pretty winter landscape – there is certainly no risk of sweating buckets whilst having the photographs taken!

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Winter weddings are something that require some planning that you might not consider when you are planning for the summer. For example, in the summer you might want to find a marquee hire company like this but in the winter you also need to consider how you might want to heat the marquee to stop people from getting too cold.

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If you are planning a winter wedding, the other thing to think about is the clothing choices. Keeping warm and being comfortable is something to give more thought to – thermal underlayers that go under clothes are a great idea.

Footwear is another thing to think about for a winter wedding, as the terrain is likely to be a little more difficult. Even if you go for a couple of pairs of shoes, some for indoors and some for outdoors.

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